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OctoberFeast Chef Introduction - Farmhouse's Chef Eric Mansavage

You'll meet many River North Chefs on your route during OctoberFeast. Here’s an early introduction to Chef Eric Mansavage from Farmhouse.

Chef Mansavage is passionate about the Farm to Table concept. He knows there are local farmers that work very hard and he feels that it makes sense to support those people, build those relationships, source…

Posted By: By: September 21, 2015 FULL STORY

Meet Chef Aaron Cuschieri from Kinmont Restaurant

Detroit native Aaron Cuschieri serves Chicago’s Kinmont restaurant as Executive Chef, merging well-honed fine dining techniques with a genuine, unpretentious appreciation for food and the experience of dining. Less than a decade into the industry, Chef Cuschieri has already been recognized by Zagat

Posted By: By: September 17, 2015 FULL STORY

In Honor of the Start of Football Season, Here’s What You Need for a Successful Team

4 Essential Characteristics of a Successful Team

At one time or another in your professional career, you’ve likely been reminded that teamwork makes the dream work or that there’s no “I” in team. Or maybe you’ve been encouraged to be a team player and take one for the team. And in some instances, you may have even found yourself going to…

Posted By: By: September 10, 2015 FULL STORY

Is Your Contractor Really Independent?

Recently, a California labor commissioner found that an Uber driver was an employee and not an independent contractor ("IC"), awarding the driver over $4,000 in expenses. Similar lawsuits, including class action matters, are being filed around the country. The implications for Uber (and any other company engaging someone as an "independent contractor") are huge: unemployment taxes, workers' compensation…

Posted By: By: August 17, 2015 FULL STORY

Gems of River North – Erie-LaSalle Body Shop

It’s impossible to ignore the neon sign, loaded with classic fonts and retro-kitsch straight out of an episode of Mad Men.  Stepping inside the Erie-LaSalle Body Shop, I’m greeted with a symphony of whirling gears and popping car hoods. And of course, smiling faces.  

More than one customer service member greets me.

“May I help you?” 

Owner Bob Gottfred wraps…

Posted By: By: August 10, 2015 FULL STORY

Filming Notice

The movie Bravo 14 will be filming with a helicopter near River North on Friday, August 7th and Saturday, August 8th.

Friday, August 7th: 9 PM - 9:30 PM- you may see a helicopter (in the air, above 500 feet) over Michigan Ave. from Chicago Ave. to Wacker Drive. No street closures required.

Saturday, August 8th: 5:45 AM - 6:30 AM- you may see a helicopter at low elevation…

Posted By: By: August 04, 2015 FULL STORY
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