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Where There’s a Will, There’s Not Necessarily an Estate Plan

5 essential estate planning issues you need to address

If you were playing a word association game and said “estate planning document,” it is likely that the most common response would be “a will.” Indeed, folks who may not have a full understanding of the universe of estate planning possibilities at least know that they should have a will. What they don’t realize is that a complete estate…

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Gems of River North – The Redhead Piano Bar

A diamond in the rough … er, north, The Redhead Piano Bar is a favorite with locals, tourists and anyone from the ages of 21 – 81.  More and more, fans of a cocktail and group sing-a-long’s are discovering this local landmark.  Owner Art Bryan recalls a time his stretch of Ontario Street was more of an expressway feeder ramp.  

“We were always a destination…

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Cures for Workplace Stress

Feeling stressed at work now seems to be the norm. Just think about how other people respond when you ask how work is going. Consider what you say when you’re asked the same question. How often is the answer “Great! It’s always so relaxed and stress-free?”

Last year, Forbes reported on a survey of employees that showed 35 percent…

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Spring 2015 Bridge Lift Schedule

Along the main and south branches of the Chicago River, the 27 bridges from Ashland Avenue to Lake Shore Drive will be raised 19 times this spring. 

The bridges are raised every spring to allow recreational boats to get from winter storage to Lake Michigan. During a boat run, each bridge is raised one at a time and each lift takes about 8-12 minutes.


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Check out River North's Recognition in Chicago View's Latest Issue!

Thanks to our fellow Chamber of Commerce in Central Lakeview for recognizing River North. See pages 7 and 8.


Posted By: By: March 20, 2015 FULL STORY

Marina City Space to Bounce Back as Table Tennis Club

A “ping pong social club” will take over space in River North that has sat empty for six years. The social club, SPiN, describes itself as “an unusual mixture of sport, design, and entertainment.”

Co-owned by actress Susan Sarandon, SPiN has locations in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Dubai. In addition to Chicago, a new location is opening soon in Brussels.

The space at Marina…

Posted By: By: March 17, 2015 FULL STORY
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