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Merchandise Mart Revitalized

NY Times talks about the changes in River North and the Merchandise Mart!

Posted By: Sharon Romack By: October 09, 2012 FULL STORY

11 Tips for Successful Selling

Firebone owner Ryan Wynia presents 11 Tips for Selling as brainstormed by the RNBA Membership Committee!

Posted By: Sharon Romack By: October 05, 2012 FULL STORY

8/28 Platinum Members of the Week

Firebone LogoMember of the week, Firebone, located at 506 N. Clark, helps organizations navigate the convergence of traditional & digital media to create compelling brand experiences that bring customers clamoring for more. Their team of strategists, designers and developers use old-school know-how…

Posted By: Sharon Romack By: August 28, 2012 FULL STORY

Motorola Moving all 3000 Employees from the Suburbs to River North

With Google owned Motorola moving into the Mart, River North is shaping up to be the technology hub of the city.

From the Sun-Times:

The infusion of 3,000 workers that Google is transferring to River North from Libertyville attests to the neighborhood’s popularity with younger workers, who, compared with the classic Organization Man of decades past, would much rather…

Posted By: Sharon Romack By: August 08, 2012 FULL STORY

7/27 Platinum Members of the Week

This weeks platinum members of the week are Aurico and Bikram Yoga River North.

Posted By: Sharon Romack By: August 01, 2012 FULL STORY

Food Truck Ordinance Passes Chicago City Council Committee

Chicago passes food truck ordinace that food truck owners say unfairly favor restaurants: 

After a four-hour hearing filled with heated questions and tearful testimony, an expanded mobile food ordinance two years in the making was approved Thursday by the Chicago City Council's License and Consumer Protection Committee.

And while some committee members felt it was an…

Posted By: Sharon Romack By: July 23, 2012 FULL STORY
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