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The Power of Testimonials on Social Media

Earlier this month, RNBA asked the digital agency Social Media Beast if they have any advice for how to boost marketing for its members. SMB suggested focusing on digital testimonials. RNBA members, after…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: July 10, 2017 FULL STORY

Chicago's Howl at the Moon Turns 15!


On Saturday, June 15th in 2002, Howl at the Moon opened its doors and the heartbeat of Chicago was born.

RNBA is pleased to help them celebrate their Golden Birthday and 15 Year Anniversary by giving them the floor on our blog to “howl…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: June 08, 2017 FULL STORY

Networking Tips to Make an Impact at RNBA Events

Start by thinking strategically about your networking. Transform a typically random activity to a strategic one to make your networking more efficient, effective, productive, and even enjoyable. Start your strategic networking by answering three questions: Why? Who? What?


Setting goals will help you build your strategy and focus your resources. Why do you want to network?…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: June 01, 2017 FULL STORY

The Tenants Advantage: 7 Key Points To Negotiating Your Office Lease

Your business’ success hinges on many factors. Location is a big one. Opportunities for new office space are shining everywhere you turn in Chicagoland. Once you find potential office locations, here are some tips to ensure the details of your lease not only plant your company, but help you grow it.

1. Be Ready, Willing and Able to Walk Away

The biggest mistake…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: May 17, 2017 FULL STORY

Recovery: What Your Workout is Missing


Working professionals spend much of their day sitting, which takes a toll on the body. A robust fitness routine is key to minimizing, or reversing, the effects of sedentary activities on your body. Pushing yourself…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: May 04, 2017 FULL STORY

Community Lives in River North

Last summer, Spare to Share was looking for a way to better connect with the people in our community. We are all about creating communities among groups of people that have a common bond, whether it’s in your building, office or for an organization you are a part of, all through an easy to use app. In creating these…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: April 21, 2017 FULL STORY
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