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Recovery: What Your Workout is Missing


Working professionals spend much of their day sitting, which takes a toll on the body. A robust fitness routine is key to minimizing, or reversing, the effects of sedentary activities on your body. Pushing yourself…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: May 04, 2017 FULL STORY

Community Lives in River North

Last summer, Spare to Share was looking for a way to better connect with the people in our community. We are all about creating communities among groups of people that have a common bond, whether it’s in your building, office or for an organization you are a part of, all through an easy to use app. In creating these…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: April 21, 2017 FULL STORY

RNBA Helps Make the Zaretsky Wedding Special



We love featuring business connections that happen through the RNBA, and as a special events photographer, I was particularly drawn to the story of Board Member Aaron Zaretsky and Carrie Campion’s wedding at the Langham in December…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: April 11, 2017 FULL STORY

How to Stand Out at an Expo or Tradeshow

The River North Business Association’s Business Expo is coming up on Wednesday, April 19 at Metropolitan Club in Willis Tower. Amelia Street Studio exhibited at the Expo a couple years ago and we genuinely enjoyed it. I especially appreciated the people. Everyone who attended and stopped by our booth was sincerely interested and listened politely…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: March 28, 2017 FULL STORY

How Back Office Cooperative Saves Chicago Nonprofits Money

Article courtesy of Crain's Chicago Business 

Linda Zager of Back Office Cooperative

 One Hope United, a social services agency for children who have been abused or otherwise traumatized, ended 2016 with a small surplus. David McConnell, its chief financial…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: March 24, 2017 FULL STORY

The Year of Brick-and-Mortar Social

Right around New Years, a blogger contacted us to ask for some social media trends to watch for in 2017. Since there’s so much existing cliche around this topic, it took a surprising amount of digging and shaping to present a take with anything novel to say.

One of the topics that came up during our research was something that could be immediately valuable to RNBA members: the tech community…

Posted By: Stephanie Fallara By: February 23, 2017 FULL STORY
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