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City Council designates Marina City official Chicago landmark

 Marina City is an official historic landmark as of Wednesday. Except for two aldermen who were absent, the City Council passed the ordinance unanimously, 48-0.

“Citing their presence in every Chicago souvenir snow globe, the prominence of their architect [Bertrand Goldberg], and contribution to the history of Chicago architecture, the case was easily made…

Posted By: By: February 12, 2016 FULL STORY

Part One - The River North Business Association Best Of Awards

Grammy Awards? Step aside. Oscar? We’ll get to you in a moment.

Make way for the River North Business Association Best Of Awards!  The “Best Of” Program recognizes members committed to making a difference, in business, the association and the River North community. Winners will be announced at the annual meeting, coming…

Posted By: By: February 04, 2016 FULL STORY

Need some inspiration to get the New Year off on the right foot? Read how Ruth Fertel made her restaurant one of the best!



Fifty years ago, steak houses were synonymous with "good old boy" fare, but when Ruth Fertel decided…

Posted By: By: January 07, 2016 FULL STORY

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Are you ready to deal with employees legally using Medical Marijuana in the workplace? Here are a few suggestions to help set up the policies and protections that employers need.

Medical marijuana (MMJ) is now permitted in 23 states and Washington D.C. Out of those 23 states four of them permit recreational use. Though it remains illegal on the Federal level, the U.S. Department of Justice…

Posted By: By: January 04, 2016 FULL STORY

How The Sharing Economy Found Parking

If you had to choose to between paying…

Posted By: By: December 14, 2015 FULL STORY

Insider Tips: How a Long-Time Platinum Member Gets Business

In the midst of the holiday season, there’s a reason to go platinum… membership, that is. However, at any level of Membership there are plenty of ways to take full advantage of RNBA benefits.

Recently, we caught up with France Langan, Director of Sales & Marketing at the Holiday Inn Chicago…

Posted By: By: December 07, 2015 FULL STORY
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