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Businesses Beware – Chicago Minimum Wage Increases 7/1/19!

As of July 1, 2019, the Chicago Minimum wage increases to $13.00/hour and $6.40/hour for tipped employees.  Nonexempt employees are entitled to overtime (time and a half) for all hours worked over-40 in a work week.  For employers with locations outside the City, note that Cook County’s…

Posted By: Marty Padilla By: June 26, 2019 FULL STORY

River North Happy Hour Round Up

By Morgan Lott

River North is known for higher-end dining, so Happy Hour deals are as appreciated as they are sparse. In this case, I was happy to do the legwork for you and collect a range of late afternoon/early evening deals around the area—whatever…

Posted By: Marty Padilla By: June 24, 2019 FULL STORY

Everybody Needs That Human Touch: How to Humanize Your Brand

Humanizing your brand is one of the best ways to grow your business. Read on to learn how to humanize your brand.

Brand trust is more important than ever. 

In fact, a recent survey by PWC found that over…

Posted By: By: March 04, 2019 FULL STORY

Teambuilding Solutions in River North

Teambuilding Solutions in River North

By Morgan Lott


When it comes to teambuilding goals, “different” comes up a lot, which isn’t surprising. It is certainly a noble cause to break your team out of the cycle of the same old catered lunches and happy hours. But you live in Chicago—you can go beyond just “different”.


Posted By: By: March 01, 2019 FULL STORY

DPOE: A True Story of Resilience

Posted By: By: August 06, 2018 FULL STORY

4 Reasons to Consider Delaying Retirement

By Carmen P. Valentino, Heathcare Solutions Team

Retiring at 65 is considered the norm by many, and Social Security benefits are available when you're as young as…

Posted By: By: July 30, 2018 FULL STORY
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